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RegCure Registry Review

February 22nd, 2010 No comments

Note: This is a review post about RegCure Registry Cleaner software & my experience with it.

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Many people investment their money in their computers to take more pleasure and to make their work easier and enjoyable. If you are using computer in daily basis, then your computer is subject to face many problems such as corrupt windows registry. This will cause error messages to show, slow computer performance, slow loading and system crashes. Finally, your working life will become boring and difficult.

I’ve been through all of this. I had a serious computer problem and error which made my life a living hell! I tried to work it out myself, using all of my knowledge in this topic, but I failed to realise it was a registry problem!

I ended up doing more damage to it 🙁 . The problem is I had some very important work to be done and I wasn’t able to do it. I couldn’t use another PC. I had to use mine, since all of my important files are there.

After giving up, I started looking for some online tool to help me scan and diagnose my PC. I stumbled upon a coupla softwares, but they failed to detect a registry error, but only gave me a clean report. You know the types. I won’t name them here, but if you have a registry error, these won’t be able to detect them.

I finally found a good forum with some much more experieced members. I got to talk to one of them, Paul, who is now one of my friends. After sending him details about my situation and errors, he told me it seems to be some registry error and suggested that I grab a good software called RegCure .

It was the RegCure Registry Cleaner & System Optimizer Software.

RegCure Registry

RegCure Registry Cleaner

Click Here to Download RegCure Registry Cleaner For Free PC Scan & Diagnosis!


RegCure Registry Cleaner offered me a free system scan, so I downloaded the software and ran a quick scan for my PC, through the regcure registry scan feature… and what do you know! there you have it… all of my registry errors listed for me!

One thing, however, which I didn’t much like about the software, is that it takes a while to install. It is easy to use, but installation time is a lil bit more than with other similar tools. At least, that was the version I used back then. I’m not sure if they made it faster in the latest updates.

Anyway, I quickly registered my RegCure Registry Optimizer copy to be able to fix and clean all of those errors. I entered the regcure registry key I got to complete registration of my copy, ran the repair and clean feature and waiting for it to complete.

Then, after completion, I restarted my system again, and it was as good as new! I couldn’t believe my eyes (which were red tired that time), but it was true. I remember releasing a long “pheeewwww!” exhale when the problem was solved 😉

(Btw. I highly encourage you to register it and have a full copy. You can directly register a new one by clicking here.)

If it wasn’t for Paul’s help and Regcure Registry Repair program, I’d have formatted the whole system as a last resort and lost precious files while doing it!

But here is the moral of the Story & What I’ve learnt:

System crashes, computer freezing and windows errors are the indications of the dangerously ill registry. In such conditions, Regcure offers the ability of performing regular repair on the spotted items through a scan. Any type of regular support is made each occasion you are utilizing the Regcure registry i.e. you can restore the stuff at any time.

Additionally, Regcure registry cleaner also offers easy and rapid access to programs, which are instigated while you start your PC. You can enable and disable the applications in the Manage Startup file by several easy clicks.

The ideal way to get Regcure registry cleaner is by Regcure download.

Below I have provided many types of benefits and characteristics of Regcure Registry download:

• Back up registry
• Manual/Automatic removal
• Compress and defrag registry
• In built scheduler
• Manage/ cleanup startup programs
• Eliminates duplicate files
• Delete the empty keys
• Scans for the unsound programs shortcuts
• Check Type lid, Help Files, CLSID and Fonts
• Checks invalid paths
• Startup manager
• Check Entries, additions and orphan suggestions/applications path inputs

Developed for using the latest skill in the registry cleaning, it has been programmed to present PC consumers with the superior maintenance prevention with preservation tool available. Offering the most extensive characteristic set in the marketplace as well as free customer support, it is the computer fix favored by most of the PC consumers.

The Regcure registry cleaner will optimize automatically, clean and repair your PC from:

• Windows installer problems
• System crashes
• Registry errors
• ActiveX controls
• DLL errors
• ActiveX shield
• Chkdsk issues
• Runtime Errors
• Internet explorer errors
• System32 and IExplor Errors

Some other errors that Regcure registry cleaner will take care of, are Dr Watson Errors, driver errors, hardware malfunctions, corrupt registry files, Isass.exe as well the application, virtual memory, Svchost.exe and computer shutdowns.

The best feature of Regcure registry cleaner is that it exercises stylish skill accessible for investigating registry for out of date, missing, in addition to corrupt data.

Overall Experience: Very Good!

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